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  • Dark Souls 2 Update - Prep for New DLC "The Scholar of the First Sin"

    Attention Dark Souls II fans! A free update will be available for all Dark Souls II players on February 5th, 2015 bringing gameplay enhancements and new story elements to prepare for The Scholar of the First Sin! (Ver 1.10, Calibrations 1.13) Check out this…

    Sat 17th Jan 2015 - 9:38pm READ MORE
  • H1Z1 Launch Impressions

    So far, the couple of hours I've spent in the game have been very good, but I should probably start from the beginning. The game's early-access alpha launch has been riddled with problems. The start of the launch began with repeated login issues, and pretty much continued all day. I was finally able…

    Sat 17th Jan 2015 - 2:06am READ MORE
  • H1Z1 Early Access Releases Today

    Sony Online Entertainment’s DayZ competitor H1Z1 is set to launch in Early Access later today, and developer John Smedley wants potential players to know his team is ready. According…

    Thu 15th Jan 2015 - 10:32pm READ MORE
  • New Year, New Look!

    With such a great and strong start to the year, we thought it'd be great if we also brought a fresh new look to our website! Although it's a few days late, we hope everyone had a great new year, and it's going great so far for everyone else as well. Aside from all the aesthetics, there's been a lot…

    Wed 14th Jan 2015 - 3:06am READ MORE

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